Local Giving Projects, Selected, Directed and Delivered by Students

The most fulfilled among us are those who have discovered that they have two hands, one for helping themselves and one for helping others.

"Giving" is a value best learned when young, before the corrosive influences of today's cloistered communities and "me first" culture take priority. 

This is why we created Student Philanthropy,
a totally new concept in philanthropic giving.

Giving that puts students in charge; that allows students who are in their most impressionable years to
experience the satisfaction of doing something for someone or some group who can never hope to repay the gift.  Self-directed, self-induced giving that allows kids to discover for themselves the extent of the difference they can make in the lives of others.

Locally-based projects from playgrounds to ballparks to community facilities, after-school programs, educational aids, cultural & arts projects, etc. are exclusively selected, directed by, and delivered by students.

Twelve to twenty candidate projects are solicited and screened by an executive board made up entirely of students; rationalized for pursuit and presented with kid-composed exhibits and arguments for pursuit - for adoption by the student membership at large.


Of the proposed projects, 6-8 will be selected via online vote (limited to children).

One final project would be chosen.

Support for projects can take the form of cash contributions in any amount, anything

from piggybank savings to allowance deductions as well as parents, grandparent, or

other family-and-friends gifts. Depending on the project, support can also take the

form of gently used clothing, toys, or food donations. Or maybe physical participation

in building or doing something for someone or some group.

While project pursuit recommendations will be left to the child-comprised executive

board, all prospective projects will be guided by a staff of donors and directed by

Give From The Heart professionals who will also supervise and administrate all

operational aspects of the endeavor in accordance with generally accepted donor

rules, practices, and policies.

It is anticipated that Initial interest and membership in Student Philanthropy can be readily and seamlessly developed within the local community via public/private elementary schools, churches, youth organizations and other child-centric institutions.

Kids, more than any other demographic segment, are prone to online ambassadorship

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Note also that in today's digital world where students are especially active participants in wired networks and online social communities, the potential for exponential growth is major. Kids - more than any other demographic segment, are prone to online "ambassadorship". Once engaged in a cause, the well-documented tendency is to broadcast that participation and interest to other like-minded peers.


Moreover, given its (1) local orientation, (2) socially beneficial nature, and (3) conceptual uniqueness, Student Philanthropy is likely to be a major magnet for local, free publicity and PR support.

Finally, the potential for securing matched contributions from local regional businesses, institutions, and individuals would appear to be well within the boundaries of likelihood, given the reasons stated directly above.



  • Identify and organize the team members, preferably age 6th to 8th grade or high school, and leaders. 

  • Select a local key project that is the group “choice”

  • Develop the strategic plan, with a start and end date

  • Create the case for support; key marketing tool

  • Present the project to the capable local funders within the community

  • Begin scope of work

  • Thank all project donors once the project is complete

  • Celebrate!

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