Give From The Heart is working to educate people, young people in particular, about the importance of being a giver, rather than a taker, to help the less fortunate.   


We provide the opportunity to help others in many ways, like learning to give money for food, education materials and giving time to others in supportive ways.


We want to give a “hand up” and not always a “hand out” to those in need, making giving back a life time effort.

You have the opportunity to help us help others by supporting these projects:

Student Philanthropy Program

"Giving" is a value best learned when young, before the corrosive influences of today's cloistered communities and "me first" culture take priority. 

This is why we created Student Philanthropy, a totally new concept in philanthropic giving.

Giving that puts students in charge; that allows students who are in their most impressionable years to experience the satisfaction of doing something for someone or some group who can never hope to repay the gift. 

create a student philathropy project
help for children in Panama
Assistance to children in Panama and Costa Rica

Give From The Heart is helping children of Panama and Costa Rica that cannot afford to attend school without assistance. 


We provide books, food and clothing, and  funding for teacher training and various facility needs. 

Assistance to children in Mexico

With nowhere to stay, many families sleep on the street, while their family member is treated at the main hospital in Oaxaca.  Often times the families travel miles or days to the hospital.


Manos de Ayuda (MADA) is an organization dedicated to  helping the underprivleged in Oaxaca, Mexico. MADA has searched for a way to provide a “home away from home” for these families.  The search led to Give From the Heart for assistance and support of the mission of MADA. 

help childrn in Oaxaca

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We are an Arizona 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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