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Give From The Heart provides opportunities for people to give back to the less fortunate with a strong focus on worldwide projects such as developing community-based programs that promote basic education, nutrition, safe water supply and sanitation services. Our organization is committed to showing all the benefits of being focused on helping others.


You can support these

Give from the Heart programs 

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  • Student Philanthropy Program:

This project raises awareness for students (k-12) about the benefits of giving to others that can make a difference in our world through student philanthropy.


  • Children in Panama and Costa Rica, Latin America Program:

This project provides books, food and clothing to children who are unable to afford these important items which allows them to remain in school.


  • Givers and Takers Conference Program:

This project supports community conferences that educate others about the benefits of being a giver rather than a taker in life.

For more information about these projects, contact our team

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